What is eco-design and why it is so important to choose a label that will not prevent recycling.

5. 5. 2022

Do you also look for goods packaged in supermarket shelves that you know can be recycled? Or are you even willing to change a brand just because of a packaging? Then you are among the growing percentage of consumers who demand recyclable packagings and are willing to pay more for greener products. No wonder, “sustainable and responsible business” is no longer just a buzzword of large corporations that want to improve their reputation or gain more customers; it is becoming the strategy of most companies in order to remain competitive in a market environment.



The concepts such as sustainability, circular economy, recycling, carbon reduction or compostability - they play a great role in all areas of the packaging industry, including the production of self-adhesive labels.


If manufacturers want to create sustainable packaging, they need to choose such materials that will not prevent the recycling process. Choice of a proper material becomes one of the factors that will affect not only the future quality, appearance and function of a product, but also its impact on the environment. Legislation is also becoming stricter and stricter.

Currently, suppliers of self-adhesive materials offer a sustainable solution for virtually any type of packaging material. And we are not only talking about a label itself; the solution is complex in combination with a suitable glue and a supporting pad which becomes a waste material practically immediately after application. Like for instance, Avery Dennison offers the AD CIRCULAR service now even in the Czech Republic - to collect and recycle these pads.

Distribution of Ecological Materials 

  • Materials made of renewable sources and organic additives
  • Recycled materials
  • Materials facilitating the process of recycling, reuse or compostability of packagings
  • Materials made with less materials

Each type, its properties and destination will be addressed in one of the following articles.

Labels made of self-adhesive eco-materials are already among the regular production and you will not know the difference at first glance. Right choice of material and technology will ensure the same quality and appearance as when using standard materials.

Eco-design is a powerful tool of the manufacturers when developing new products.


Eco-design is a complex and systematic process of designing and developing a product so that it does not burden the environment as much as possible while maintaining its essential characteristics. And not only at the moment of its end of use, but throughout their entire life cycle.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the main analytical tool for evaluation of eco-design concepts. This method can evaluate, quantify and identify the phases with the greatest risks. Then we can follow objective data when creating a new product, not only a good intention and assumption.

10 Benefits of Eco-design 

  1. Material and energy savings protect the resources and reduces CO2 emissions
  2. Products facilitate re-use or re-cycling and contribute to circular economy
  3. Use of bio-materials simplifies the recycling process
  4. Choice of a right material and product shape maximizes the product life-time
  5. Products are versatile, reusable and recyclable
  6. Reducing product dimensions reduces the processing and transport costs
  7. It promotes technological innovation
  8. More attractive products will satisfy the needs of more demanding consumers
  9. The added value of sustainable products offers a competitive advantage
  10. The company benefits from innovation and is committed to environmental responsibility

If you still hesitate to decide whether to start printing the labels on eco-materials and which are suitable for your product, please contact us. 

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