Holographic foil label quickly changes in front of your eyes.

20. 3. 2023

STOCK Plzeň-Božkov comes with a lighter version of the popular Amundsen vodka, in two new variants. Doing this, they meet all vodka-based drink lovers who also prefer drinks with a lower alcohol content.

Elaborated Label Design

The clear self-adhesive foil is typical for the Amundsen product range. Two fruity innovations also attract with their modern and specific label design. The well-known blue logo is complemented by a kaleidoscope of sharp shapes. Shards of orange or green tones represent the fresh and fruity taste of the drinks; and the label changes in front of our eyes according to the angle of view in combination with the pieces of silver and holographic glossy foil that characterise the crystal-clear liquid.

Amundsen Essences Orange and Mango combine the smoothness of Amundsen vodka with the freshness of natural fruit aromas. They have a reduced alcohol content (30%), maximum fruit flavour; they contain no added sugar; and, like the popular vodka, they are made of the finest ingredients and have a perfectly smooth taste.

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