Limited edition for the 505th anniversary of the Green Tree Distillery.

29. 8. 2023

Stará Žitná Myslivecká has launched the limited edition of its seven-year-old Selection rye whisky. To collaborate, they contacted Mr. Marek Ehrenberger, illustrator, who was given free power to create a label with a distinctive design. At the first glance, the bottle impresses with its original colour and design.


We printed the labels on the cream textured paper; they are numbered and only 1,518 of them were produced, referring to the year the Prostějov distillery was founded in.



“We invited a young artist to collaborate with us; he has a fresh, clear and recognisable handwriting and his personality perfectly corresponds with our vision and principles. This results in the harmonious blend of tradition and modern visual perception of Marek Ehrenberger,” says Boris Rajdl, manager of the Green Tree Distillery.


Marek Ehrenberger chose a colour scheme for the label, combining gold, orange and pink with black line details. “Since the very beginning, I have combined tradition and contemporary aesthetics. That's why I worked with the character of the hunter who is typical for the brand, and reworked it into my styling. I based my creation on the intersection of flavours that rye whisky provides, the flavours symbolising the various dynamic elements and shapes. In terms of colour, the label features orange and pink colours, which are typical for my work. They are complemented by shades of deep yellow and gold, which create the sun permeating the whisky bottle.”



This designing limited edition is only available in selected stores and e-shops and has its investment potential.

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