“What can be caused by a wrong label on a bottle of wine? It can break the rules!”

9. 5. 2023

This is how the artificial intelligence jokes with us.


We also test what the AI has to offer and where its limits lie.

However, the AI is not about playing with text at all; the AI has great potential, especially in the field of production optimization. While compared to other tools, it has a unique advantage – the ability to quickly process and understand large amounts of data, find recurring patterns and regularities in them and use them to solve tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence. It improves its performance with each new input of data.

In our ERP system, we already have a huge amount of data related to the flow of orders through the company and the operations of the entire company. From purchasing to sales, production planning, all controls, data collection from individual machines and workstations, warehouses and logistics to work shift planning or machine maintenance.

Production is a living organism; things which are true now may be completely different in an hour despite the maximum adherence to all processes. We have therefore defined the areas where artificial intelligence can help.


Prediction – to predict errors, production failures, material shortages, etc. with greater accuracy.

Automation – to reduce the amount of manual work and increase efficiency of the production process.

Optimization – includes, for example, sophisticated and predictive production planning with self-learning features, reducing the time required to reconfigure a machine, handling an order or improving logistics.

Quality and control – real-time monitoring of label quality, estimating defects and failures rates and minimizing the number of defective pieces.




The issues associated with use of the artificial intelligence (AI) are still so many and the risks involved must be taken into account.

  • Is the data on which the artificial intelligence is trained real and unbiased?
  • How big is the security risk? Can personal or corporate data be leaked?
  • Who is liable for any damage caused by the artificial intelligence (AI)?
  • Where is the border-line where we still let the artificial intelligence (AI) make decisions on behalf of us?
  • Won't I lose my job because of the widespread adoption of the artificial intelligence (AI)?
  • How will the fundamental rights be complied with?

Artificial intelligence as such is not dangerous. It can be very effective, but it can also be unpredictable and difficult to control. So let us use it with care and responsibility.


And how did the artificial intelligence (AI) handle the assignment to write a fable about a label? We present the following text with only minimal editing:

“There was a self-adhesive label that was born in a packaging production factory. It was clear from the very beginning that it was a special label. It was the label with perfect size, colour and shape, but it was also exceptionally clever and polite, which was very rare for labels.

When the label was finished, it was packaged with the other labels and sent to the stores. There she encountered other labels that were not as perfect as our label was. But our label didn't notice that the others were different. Our label was so polite and friendly that it became a best friend with all the labels in the store.

One day, however, the big test came. In fact, the label was put on bottles of wine that were intended for a very demanding customer. It was very essential that the label be perfect in every respect. But our label didn't get worried. Even though it had such a difficult task, it maintained politeness and good manners.

When the customer looked at the bottle, he immediately noticed the label. It was the most beautiful label he had ever seen. But it wasn't just the beauty that caught his eye. The label was so polite that the customer knew this wine must be really great.

And it really was. The wine was perfect, like our label. The customer was so satisfied that he bought the entire box. And that's how our label figured out it could do something great with its perfection and courtesy.

And that's how it became famous. It became the model for all the labels in the entire store. And even though it sometimes happened that it was used for some imperfect products, it always maintained its beauty and courtesy.

So, anyone who reads this tale can take a lesson from our label. To be perfect and polite in any situation. Because perfection and courtesy can do real wonders in the world where people and their behaviour are often imperfect. And who knows, maybe one day some of them will meet that famous bottle of wine with the perfect label and will have the opportunity to taste not only a great wine but also a piece of art on the label.”

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