BLEND 42 VODKA from Palírna U Zeleného stromu (The Green Tree Distillery) changed its design and name in February 2023.


3. 5. 2023

It is now available under the name B42V ECCENTRIC VODKA.


The bottle has now an elegant asymmetrical shape to distinguish it from the others. The new Guala cap with the valve regulates the flow and eliminates spillage and losses.

The label is still printed on a clear film; however, it has a more minimalist design that emphasizes the quality and purity of the Vodka. The label design uses a dominant metallic blue colour complemented by metallic red and green for the Fire and Air flavours. The symbol of three rows of falling drops on the label and cap represents a blend of three grain spirits.

“The graphic symbol of these three rows of falling drops is also blended into the inside of the back label and also into the cap design,” says Mr. Jan Sedláček (The Green Tree Distillery). The 42% alcohol content is then marked in red so that consumers clearly know that it is still the same quality vodka, but now with the modified name.




The new visual style has not affected the vodka's exceptional taste. B42V ECCENTRIC VODKA still has a perfectly smooth taste and is full of energy and strength.

The production process remains unchanged, including the blend of three grain spirits and double filtration with activated carbon from coconut shells. The vodka's flavour remains strong and yet very smooth, as does its alcohol content, which is still at the level of 42%.

The new visual style is based on consumer demands; and the name “Eccentric” underlines the uniqueness and boldness of consumers who like intense experiences and are not afraid of challenges.

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