Trends in technology and sustainability through the view of the Executive Director

24. 9. 2021

The concepts such as recycling, ecology and sustainability have belonged to the lifetime of S&K LABEL printers for several years. From selection of suitable material, through optimization of production processes up to sorting of production wastes and recycling of waste heat and chemicals.

The prerequisite for us to be able to offer the most suitable solution in every order of our customers is the close co-operation with suppliers of materials, continuous education in the areas of ecology and sustainability and, of course, continuous innovation in modern technology park.

Well, what materials can be described as sustainable? What is to be watched out when choosing a label and what can we see the potential of the market in? You can find the answers to these questions (and not only to these ones) on Page 27 in the Article of the current issue of the magazine called SVĚT BALENÍ (world of packaging) where we talked with the director of the company (CEO), Ing. Miroslav Vrba.