Minimalistic label on high-grade noble distilled spirits.

16. 2. 2022

Winery of ARTE VINI decided to process some of its wines into the form of noble distilled spirits and thus expand its product range. This results in a clear Eau-de-Vie and barrel-ripe Brandy.

Choice of Varieties for Premium Customers

Distillates originate from grapes harvested only in own vineyards in the sub-region of Velké Pavlovice. Eau-de-Vie is made of Burgundy varieties of Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Brandy is exclusively made of the variety of Frankovka; it was maturing in oak barrels in which the wine of Frankovka VOC Modré Hory had been maturing before. As a result, Brandy shows reddish to copper reflections, in addition to gold colour.

Both the distilled spirits are primarily intended for people who are well familiar with this product category and have already had the opportunity to taste the high-quality spirits of domestic and foreign production. To support these new products for the clients, attention was also paid to packaging which will emphasize the uniqueness of drinks.

Minimalism Looks Good with the Labels

High-quality transparent bottles made of massive glass, wooden closures, were selected; and we had the task to create minimalistic labels with emphasis on readability, elegance and exclusivity. We designed several variants; we were mainly tuning correct balance of the graphics, e.g. the balance of text and finishing elements. This results in a simple design with the emphasis for details that finished the overall product, together with the final selection of material.

These labels only confirm that an exclusive label does not necessarily have to be so difficult and accompanied by demanding production. With this limited edition, we used the digital technology and premium black paper only in combination with the spectacular final finishing in the form of embossing and 3D paint.


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