Elegant and decent label for the original Tuzemák Objevitel with the traditional prescription.

20. 5. 2022

Green Tree Distillery inc. launched its new product Tuzemák Objevitel (discoverer domestic rum) in March. It follows the original prescription and production procedures; it is intended for lovers of domestic rums and genuine rums; and its uniqueness is underlined by choice of the bottle and label.

Elegant Label with Gold

The label has been printed on the textured paper with Pantone Uncoated colours, including the gold colour. The golden Pantone, unlike the gold foil stamping, is very elegant and decent in this case. To achieve the ideal result, we had to adjust the colour composition on several occasions due to absorbency of the paper. The label is complemented by the 3D local paint that brings pleasant contrast compared to roughness of the paper; and makes the name and gold ornaments stand out.

Original Tuzemák (Domestic Rum) with Traditional Prescription

Tuzemák Objevitel is the traditional Czech drink inspired by oversea countries. The unique taste profile is somewhere in the middle between domestic and classical rums. The very popular and distinctive vanilla together with caramel form a perfect harmony of flavours. Maturation in barrels provides a dark amber colour and woody tones.


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