Milan METELKA brings redesigned packaging of popular liqueurs

25. 6. 2020

Milan Metelka, a.s., a traditional family liqueurs and spirits producer from the Czech town of Vizovice, comes after eight years with a redesign of its most successful product line called Milky.

The new, timeless, elegant design of the packaging, author of which is Jan Herynek, makes the colour of the drink stand out as much as possible. Labels printed on white textured paper are more minimalist compared with the previous version, and they perfectly underline the unique skittle-shape glass bottle. Individual species, which - as the name suggests - are characterized by the harmonious taste of the Czech milk and cream, are visually unified by a shiny silver hot stamped decoration and embossed pattern, i.e. a mark raised above the surface.

The products bear our imprint in the form of labels decorating the popular liqueur line.