Unique wine from the workshop of two alchemists.

19. 1. 2022

Mizoram means Master in Sanskrit. And the combination of two masters is the basis for the limited edition of the excellent red wine – winemaker Jiří Uherek from Dolní Bojanovice, regularly awarded for his wines, and Jan Budař, this time as the author of the story and label.

 They combine two varieties of red wines – male NERONET and female MERLOT. Two dancing ancient powers – formation vs extinction, inhalation vs exhalation.”

 Jan Budař

The label with aquarelle, hand-made writing and the accompanying text of Jan Budař tells the story together with the wine, the story which put us into the action already during the printing works.

Utilization of digital printing technology was a clear choice. We could rely on the distinctive colours and precision in details; author´s graphics was also underlined due to refinement by gold embossing.



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