Tau 330 RSC UV inkjet digital label press by DURST

17. 7. 2020

S&K LABEL's latest investment concerns the innovative UV inkjet digital technology designed for the printing of roll materials. The new machine expands technological possibilities and ensures an increase in the company's existing production capacity.

When choosing, the final decision fell on Tau 330 RSC UV inkjet printing machine by DURST. In fact, this is the very first Tau 330 RSC technology in the Czech Republic. With this step, S&K LABEL reaffirms its role of an innovator and important promoter of modern digital technology in the self-adhesive label industry. The brand new printing machine enables flexible response to the requirements of today's customers, ie. the need to change the graphic appearance and content of the label and personalize it.

Tau 330 RSC achieves recognizable print quality of 1200x1200 dpi. Even the smallest text is rendered in high resolution. The colour transition is consistent and homogeneous. Compared to other digital technologies, Tau 330 RSC shows a much more stable colour anchorage and, due to its high abrasion resistance, is  ideal for printing on plastic roll material. Moreover, it is not necessary to paint or laminate the labels, unless the customer requires it.

Another advantage of the new technology is that the final graphics printed on paper o plastics almost looks like screen printing. This 3D side-effect can be welcomed in segments such as the beverage and spirits, food or cosmetics, where a greater emphasis is placed on the aesthetics.