A trend that teaches your labels to speak

15. 10. 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected a number of fileds. Deep uncertainty and fears occur on all continents. Companies are changing established practices, visitors are accepted only under strict conditions or not at all. The current unprecedented situation, affected by a number of extraordinary measures, sets new global trends. While online communicaton significantly strengthens, in-person meetings weaken. Therefore, business owners, managers and business teams may now face the question: How can we thank our business partners or employees even without s personal contact?

An effective solution may be a carefully chosen gift accompanied by an original personalized label. Unlike mass-produced labels, a personalized label speaks directly to a specific person through a personal message or dedication, establishes  an interaction, arises an interest and evokes positive emotions.

How are personalized labels manufactured?

The digital technology is the answer.  Our HP Indigo WS 6800 printing presses and the latest Durst Tau 330 RSC are all equipped with a special integrated software enabling the so-called variable data printing. In this case, the static part of the label is linked to the variable data defined in the database via a spreadsheet. The database can also be generated directly by the printer based on customer´s requirements. Therefore, each label within a single run may in the end contain different information  tailored exactly to the specific recipient. You can change the text from the address to the personal message as well as the colour. In this way,  limited series connecting popular brands with specific people are created.

Personalization & sustainbility

Talking about the digital technology, flexibility and reasonable prices are the main advantages when printing smaller runs. In addition, it allows the printing of a wide range of materials including sustainable ones. The quality of recycled materials has significantly improved in recent years, so the overall impression may not always be shabby. Moreover, various surface treatments and finishes can of course be applied to recycled materials so as to achieve a look that matches the  best both the brand quality of the final products and the company's overall philosophy.

Label personalization brings a wide practical use. It can be applied to various products from wine, beer, spirits and soft drinks to food, delicacies and cosmetics. Fantasy has no boundaries here.