1,200 bottles of 12-year vintage “Žufánek” plum brandy (slivovice) were bottled to celebrate 1,200 years since the first written mention of Moravia.

16. 11. 2022

Slivovice is perhaps the most typical Moravian distillate. The family-owned Zufanek distillery is a producer of unique distillates, not only thanks to its own orchards and organic farming. Choice of the product to celebrate Moravia's significant anniversary could not have been more appropriate.

The limited edition of 1,200 bottles of 12-year-old archival Slivovice was prepared in cooperation with the South Moravian Region Council and also the Little Greta studio; the distinctive atypical label was printed by us.

The cream textured paper was chosen to be used for the label. It is dominated by a circular cut-out in the middle, which symbolises “a window into the soul of Moravia” or “a glimpse into the future of Moravia”. The concept is based on one of the elements of Alfons Mucha's Slavic Epic painting. The sub-theme of “a hand holding a hoop” carries a fundamental message, namely the unity of the Moravians. The floral elements around the perimeter of the theme are decorated with very thin gold embossing; and pantone colour was used for the beautiful blue plums.

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