The PRATI Saturn Digi TE450 finishing machine can process orders with higher efficiency and accuracy.

17. 3. 2022

At the beginning of March, we installed the new finishing machine designed primarily for processing digitally printed production. This investment will make the entire processing of orders more efficient, mainly the savings of time, material and energy; or more advanced control and reduction of error rates through the high-level automation of the line.


See how PRATI Saturn Digi TE450 works.


Another new technology in our machine fleet

We continuously modernize and invest in the latest technologies. We monitor industry news and expand both technology and knowledge to optimize production and satisfy customers.

The PRATI finishing equipment is an innovative and versatile solution for everyday production

  • maximum flexibility and easy operation
  • processing all finishing operations on one machine, including cutting and winding
  • reduction of production times and material savings
  • increasing capacity of digitally printed production
  • high automation and error elimination

PRATI Saturn Digi TE450 – Facts and Figures

The finishing machine is primarily designed for processing of digitally printed production; however, it also allows the efficient production of simple single-colour self-adhesive labels. All finishing operations, including the cutting and winding, can be performed with one pass through the machine.

The line is fitted with the standard unwinding unit with the capacity up to 850 mm in diameter, levelling and gluing table, cleaning mechanism for material path, corona and one flexo-graphic printing unit designed mainly for the all-over painting. The machine may work both in semi-rotary and rotary mode of cutting tools; other equipment includes the fully automatic unit of circular knives for longitudinal cutting, which significantly reduces the times of preparation for a new order.

The technology is also fitted with one stand-alone winding shaft with the diameter capacity up to 600 mm and also the dual semi-automatic winding carousel with the maximum capacity up to the diameter of 300 mm, where two separate winding shafts are cyclically alternated. This carousel is another element that greatly increases productivity of the machine, as the time between completion of winding of the final rolls and take-off of the next assembly does not exceed 5 seconds.

The setting itself using touch screens is very intuitive and the machine itself guides an operator to enter correct parameters. In principle, the operator only manually inserts the openings at the beginning and then takes the finished production. The machine will take care of everything else, including the cross cut at the end of each winding cycle. Connection to the manufacturer's on-line diagnostic support is an essential matter, as well as the possibility to save information on each order in the machine.

Like the previous investments made in S&K LABEL, this is a significant step toward modernization and automation of production processes. 

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