We are reducing our environmental impact; solar energy covers up to 12% of our annual consumption.

3. 4. 2023

The project to install a photovoltaic power plant started in 2021 and is another of the many steps we are taking to minimise the negative environmental impact of our operations.

The main objective of the project is to make maximum use of solar energy and generate electricity for own consumption from renewable sources. The share of green energy generated will be significant in our energy mix, without any impact on human health.



Installation of the photovoltaic power plant was completed in December 2022. We used all three levels of the roof of the production hall and partly the south-east facing wall and we also installed the total of 811 photovoltaic panels with the power output of 450 Wp. The total output is 346.95 kWp; and the system is connected to the existing electricity network.

Thanks to the balanced year-round electricity consumption in our company and the operation of the special cooling and air conditioning technology of the production area, which is also in operation on days when working shifts are not performed, almost all of the electricity produced by the PV plant will be consumed on site. In other words, we will not have any large surpluses of generated electricity.

In a summer period, when the sun is at its peak, we will be self-sufficient in around 25-30% of our total daily consumption; and on average 10-12% of our electricity consumption over the whole year.

At the current relatively high energy prices, we can save up to CZK 2 million a year in electricity costs.


  • Significant environmental investment
  • Reduced dependence on current electricity prices
  • Financial savings
  • Greater self-sufficiency
  • Reduction of CO2
  • Efficient use of energy

Polygraphic production is one of the most energy-intensive operations; and the use of environmentally friendly resources and technologies is declared by the company in its Environmental Policy. This project is one of the pillars of the company's long term strategy; to be a responsible, environmentally friendly company, operating in the spirit of sustainable principles.

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