We have defended the prestigious award called Czech Best Managed Companies 2023 awarded by the international company of Deloitte.

8. 6. 2023

We are proud to announce that we have won the title of Best Managed Company for the second time consecutively.

Immediately after the last year's success, we knew we would participate in the BMC program again. It's a kind of a mirror for us. An opportunity to look at our company and our work through the eyes of external and independent evaluators who are not captivated by the daily routine and can motivate with their questions.

Once again, we have verified whether we can manage the company and its processes efficiently even in the turbulent times and also whether we can pursue our long-term strategic goals. With the year's interval, we should go through the key areas and evaluate how we have managed to maintain the adjusted standards and move them forward.


"In the first year of the BMC, we were particularly keen to introduce our company, to show where our success lies and what makes us different. While participating in this year, we more addressed details of some key areas, such as business sustainability issues, social responsibility, corporate culture.”

Ing. Miroslav Vrba, Executive Director of S&K LABEL



The global Best Managed Companies program, created by Deloitte, has been supporting business development since 1993 and recognises the leading privately owned and managed companies. This is the fourth time the award has been given in the Czech Republic.

An independent expert jury evaluates quality of corporate governance and management in the following areas:

  • strategic direction
  • productivity and innovation
  • corporate culture, including social responsibility
  • management structure and financial performance.


We would like to thank to everyone who contributed to this success. To employees, customers and business partners. Your support is crucial and binding for us.

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