We have won the prestigious award of “Czech Best Managed Companies 2022” given by the international company “Deloitte”.

9. 6. 2022

This year, Deloitte's representatives have been giving the “Czech Best Managed Companies” prize to successful companies in the Czech Republic for the third time.

Program of Best Managed Companies

The global program called "Best Managed Companies", created by Deloitte, supports business development and appreciates the leading privately owned and managed companies. This prize awarding is to be decided by an independent expert jury which assesses four key aspects:

  • strategic direction
  • productivity and innovation
  • corporate culture including social responsibility
  • governance structure and financial performance

The program was established in Canada in 1993 and represents the most important business award of such kind.



Comparison with The Best

We do not only want to be the best; we also want to be able to take self-reflection and compare with those best all over the world. The program has certainly enabled us to make such comparison. Another independent view of the functioning of our company also brought us an interesting contribution.

We continue to seek inspiration, incentives and new resources for improvement and innovation.

The first year we participated in the program was the year of improvement based on the suggestions and comments we received from Deloitte. It took the whole year for us to gain certainty that we moved forward significantly and that we are in adequate condition to be able to measure ourselves with other companies of similar size in the Czech Republic.

We then came to the second year with a clear goal - to be successful.


“Over the long years of practice, I have come to the conclusion that the key to every company's success is a clear goal, sophisticated strategy, excellent product, high-quality technology and well-set corporate processes; but a perfectly coordinated team of skilled employees who want to achieve the shared goal plays the essential and major role, of course.

Ing. Miroslav Vrba, Executive Director of S&K LABEL


We have known Deloitte for a long time 

We have been convinced by the assessment methodology used when deciding whether or not to participate in the program. BMC is not only a competition in which economic results or popularity among consumers are assessed. There shall be a long-term cooperation with a competition participant; current condition shall be examined; consultations with external consultants will bring different economic perspectives and recommendations to improve strategies and approaches.

In the program “Czech Best Managed Companies” there is evaluation of quality of the management in a company and the management in key areas such as strategic direction, productivity and innovation, corporate culture, management structure and financial performance. S&K LABEL showed that it demonstrates quality at the level of the best managed companies – the jury appreciated especially the long-term goals and position in the market, thoughtful product strategy, adaptive corporate culture and openness to changes.

Miroslav Svoboda, Program Leader and Partner at Deloitte Private, Deloitte Czech Republic


It is obvious that we have well-defined control mechanisms, but workshops have helped us to define weaknesses. Fine-tuning of the processes helped us even during a crisis period when we have to deal operatively with shortage of materials and rising prices of all resources on a daily basis, and recently even in combination with pandemic measures.

We have become one of the world's companies, such as the Belgian SOUDAL, manufacturer of mastics, PU-foams and adhesives, and also CEWE from Germany, the leader in photography processing, or Packeta Group with our service provider called Zásilkovna.

We thank all employees for their daily work, professionalism and commitment. This success would not be possible without the team of top-quality collaborators.

And we also thank to all business partners and customers. For they motivate us to perform better every day with their demands, growing demands, professionalism and constructive criticism.


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