Czech producer launches a special soap for fruits and vegetables

4. 6. 2020

Although the life in the Czech Republic can slowly focus on returning back to normal, the coronavirus theme will apparently not disappear so fast. An increased level of hygiene has become a common practice and an effective tool for most people in the fight against a new type of disease.

Companies producing disinfectants and cleaning agents reflect the occurred situation and launch a number of innovations to the market. Among them is, for example, a special soap for fruits and vegetables from a Czech manufacturer EURONA BY CERNY. The established company specializing in the production of eco-friendly drugstores now offers a solution for all customers who realize that unpackaged fruits and vegetables belong, in addition to bakery products, to risky food that can be contaminated on their way to the final consumer.

The special soap is delivered in a practical 500 ml spray bottle. Labels with the graphics of fresh fruits and water - symbolizing cleanliness and purity - are printed at S&K LABEL by use of modern digital technology. Labes are made of a white glossy polyethylene film. The overall appearance of the labels was underlined by glossy silver foil stamping and a glossy laminating film, which, in addition to its aesthetic function, also serves as an effective way to protect the graphics from negative influences.