Only 260 bottles were bottled upon the occasion of Trnava Rum Fest 2022.

15. 2. 2023

Albert Michler was one of the oldest distilleries and rum distilleries in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was founded in 1863 in Silesia, the company supplied rum to the Imperial Court and the naval forces. Nowadays, Albert Michler supports this tradition of excellence by sourcing only the finest rums from Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic.

Albert Michler Single Cask Rum, Nicaragua 2003, 77% vol. edition of Trnava Fest

This limited single cask edition of molasses rum from La Compania Licorera de Nicaragua was bottled upon the occasion of Trnava Rum Fest 2022. It has been ageing for 15 years in tropical conditions, and also undergoing further 4 years of continental ageing in a bourbon barrel. This is the rum of the full cask strength 77% vol.; bottled without any adjustments. The distillate has not been re-coloured; it is unfiltered, having no added sugar.

Personalised Labels

The labels were printed digitally on glossy silver PP film. DURST was our choice due to the low cost and personalization. The final colour combination of brown with gold lettering was achieved by using two Pantone brown shades. The label was then enhanced with the matt laminate and with 3D paint on the logo. The uniqueness of each bottle of this one-off limited edition is enhanced by the numbering of the labels 001-260.


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