Digital printing

Due to the annually extended set of machines, we offer variable and flexible production of labels which meets current requirements of customers in the market. Our digital and flexography printing machines provide for the completion of both large and small orders. We developed internal workflow processes that allow for maximum colour conformity of products irrespective of which technology was used for label production.

Shorter and specific orders are realized by two modern digital printers HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press and also by the latest UV inkjet printing machine Tau 330 RSC of the brand called DURST. Unlike the method of flexo-graphic printing, digital printing does not require any printing moulds. A desired print image is transferred from the computer directly to the printer. The main advantages of digital technology are high speed, flexibility, printing of variable and number series as well as possibility of personalization of the labels.


Our HP Indigo WS6800 printing machines represent the top quality of the current range of digital printing technologies thanks to their high print quality and wide range of options. It is possible to use up to 7 colours with the machines. The machines are fitted with the automatic colour monitoring system. Another great advantage is the absolute accuracy of registration (concurrent printing).

There is a wide range of applications using the HP Indigo printing machines, e.g. labels for toys, beverages, food, food supplements, cosmetics, car cosmetics and household chemicals.


The UV inkjet digital printing machine Tau 330 RSC achieves a recognizable print quality of 1200x1200 dpi. Even the smallest text is rendered in high resolution. While compared to other digital technologies, the Tau 330 RSC machine shows much more stable colour stabilisation. Due to high abrasion resistance, it is therefore ideal for printing, mainly for printing of plastic roll material.

High opacity of the covering white colour and also possibility of relief printing bring other advantages of UV inkjet digital technology. The resulting graphics can imitate screen printing, which can be welcomed in the sectors such as beverage industry, food industry and cosmetics where great emphasis is given to aesthetic aspects.

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