It brings benefits in all key sustainability indicators.

17. 5. 2023

A label is a seemingly insignificant piece of material; however, it affects recyclability of the entire package. We've already written much about how a label really matters. The list of self-adhesive materials that contribute in some way to sustainability is now quite long. Global MDO stands out among them thanks to its properties.

Global MDO belongs to the group of products that are made of less amounts of materials. They increase operational efficiency and reduce consumption of natural resources, which results in a smaller carbon footprint compared to traditional materials.


Key properties

  • Wide application possibilities
  • Reduced consumption of natural resources
  • Recyclable material
  • Operational efficiency


Global MDO basic application possibilities

The foil is oriented in the direction of production and provides the stiffness and conformability ratio that greatly expands the application possibilities. It meets today's converting and printing needs and covers up to 80% of applications from food industry to home and personal care.



 Global MDO significantly reduces consumption of natural resources. Compared to standard PE foils, it shows lower consumption of fossil fuels, energy, water and greenhouse gases.


Primary savings calculation*


Fossil materials

  • 22% reduction in fossil material consumption is equivalent to saving 225 barrels of oil.

Bio resources

  • Elimination of use of bio resources means saving of 1,541.


  • Saving of 82% of water is equivalent to saving of drinking water for 17,234 people annually.

Greenhouse gases

  • 74% saving in CO2 emissions is equivalent to the annual emissions of 175 cars.


Less means more

While using Global MDO material for production, we are able to produce up to 58% more labels per roll while maintaining the same roll diameter.



Reduction in material has an impact on operational efficiency and costs:

  • higher processing speed
  • less frequent roll changes
  • saving in pallet space
  • reduction in transport, packaging and handling costs
  • reduced disposal costs (less wastes)
  • reduction of PET recycling charges



When rating the benefits of self-adhesive materials for the circular economy, we must not forget the adhesive and carrier backing.

The new generation of CleanFlake™ adhesive technology is specifically designed to support the recycling of PET and HDPE packaging materials. It reduces contamination of PET flakes during the recycling process by allowing complete separation of the label from the packaging. This increases the amount of PET fully recycled into rPET, even in food industry quality.

The rPET23 backing contains 30% post-consumer wastes (PET bottles) and can be recycled again. It shows the same processing parameters as conventional PET liners.


The fact that Global MDO is a truly stellar material is evidenced by the ratings of independent committees. The most recent success so far is the Sustainability Star award given by the scientific board of the first year of the Czech & Slovak Sustainability Summit.


Let us calculate the environmental benefits and financial savings for your project.

Send us your current specification to to get a clear analysis of the savings if you switch to Global MDO.

*Avery Dennison internal tool based on a life cycle assessment (LCA), using 1,491,973 square meters of our GMDO in place of conventional PE.

Source: Avery Dennison 

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