Special technologies

We offer solutions with numerous technological finishing operations and with high aesthetic value. At the same time, we perceive labels as tools of accurate information and data transfer.

Self-adhesive labels

Self-adhesive labels are the most widespread type of labels in the market. Their indisputable advantage is the possibility of diverse and functional use. These include labels applied to the product surface using mechanical pressure or air wave. We offer the production of labels from a wide portfolio of self-adhesive materials.

These, for example, include smooth SC grade paper, natural woody paper, white and transparent, or metallic foils or special foils for industrial applications. We then finish the labels and refine them as required by customers using hot or cold stamping foil, embossing, lamination, special varnishes or screen printing.

An individual category of self-adhesive labels includes labels for special or industrial applications.

RFID labels

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) labels are carriers of electronic information coded in passive micro-chips inside the label. They are used as an alternative in sectors where the use of bar codes is impossible or when the duplicity of the transferred information is required for safety reasons.

Their indisputable advantage is high reliability, possibility of permanent inventory count, transparent exchange of information in real time and mass reading.

RFID technologies are typically used in the industry, at sports events, in the textile and clothing industry or as an identification of persons.

Multi-layer sandwich labels

Given the increasing requirements for the information that the labels must include, we offer a solution of multi-layer labels to our customers.

These are labels of several layers of material where inner surfaces primarily provide extended open space for the information on the product, safety rules for its use or information on the manufacturer or distributor.

We offer this solution to customers who need to provide as much information as possible regarding their products while emphasising aesthetic design of the upper label layer.

Structured labels with inserted print information (booklet labels)

Booklet labels provide space for a great deal of information on a very small space. They consist of folded or connected mini-leaflets inserted inside the label that is placed directly on products.

We recommend using booklet labels for beauty, pharmaceutical, chemical or food products. The possibilities of using booklet labels are virtually unlimited.

They may be used as space for cooking tips, competition events on products, they include directions for use, may be used as a package leaflet, or are used for multi-lingual captions.

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