Printing preparation

Our intracompany structure includes a sophisticated DTP studio which helps us provide our customers with overall preparation of a graphic and functional form of  the order. We prepare both the designs of customer studies and tailor-made graphics for clients.

Prepress, Colour Management

Except for the most recent version of standard application software, our entire graphic department uses RIP and DeskPack software tools by Esko on a standard basis.

Standardisation involves an extensive development of the work procedures automation which supports automated data transfers and preparation of digital printing previews.

Work procedures support all aspects of numerous S&K LABEL printing and refinement technologies. These work procedures ensure the consistency and accuracy in file administration.

Our work procedures use the XML integration for the transfer of customer data in items from our intracompany software into our graphic work procedures with the concurrent limitation of duplicate input and the possibility of repeated entry of incorrect data at the system input. 

Flexography print preparation

We use photopolymer printing plates by DuPont and Kodak. We prepare the plates by laser  burning to the CDI Spark device and finish them by either thermic or chemical washing.

We are a certified producer of HD Flexo printing plates.

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